The Makkah Group ensures that our customers always come first. Our operational and growth model revolves around ease of access and convenience of use. We want every member of our community to have access to the finest healthcare products in the country. We’ve curated a selection of exclusive government and private loyalty programs that have democratized the business of healthcare. Through our various programs, customers can access multiple corporate and government discounts

Fazaa is a social initiative that aims to develop social interdependence and maintain effective solidarity within the U.A.E. community. Fazaa offers a range of exclusive services to employees of the Ministry of the Interior, government and semi-governmental entities, which signed a memorandum of understanding between Fazaa and the entity.

Waffer is a discount card that caters exclusively towards the Government of Sharjah employees. Employees can leverage deals across our entire range of products and services.

The Esaad Card is a loyalty program that offers exclusive privileges, discounts, and promotions to government employees under the General Directorate of Dubai Police. This program aims to strengthen Institutional Loyalty and improve quality of life, to promote employee happiness and wellbeing.

The Absher is an exclusive discounts and privileges card for U.A.E. nationals working in the private sector. The card’s goal is to support U.A.E. nationals working in the private sector by offering unique benefits and exclusive offers to achieve their lifestyle and wellbeing goals.

In addition to the loyalty programs, we have also partnered with the insurance vendor Nextcare. Nextcare specializes in providing complete health insurance management and administration services to healthcare payers, including self-insured employers. They administer custom-designed healthcare plans in response to the clients’ unique requirements. The company can mix and match various services to provide an innovative “Plug & Play” concept that efficiently complements existing products.

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