First Aid Tranning At School – UAQ

One of the core businesses of 3W Healthcare Solution is to provide First Aid Solution under one roof. We at 3WHS say that ‘we do not sell the Fist AiD Boxes but we provide solution’. Being a solution provider under one roof, our services include following:

  • Providing standard and custom-made first aid boxes meeting the demand of different customers catering their needs of varied nature
  • Delivery / Installation at customers’ identified facility
  • Periodical auditing/inspections
  • Refilling facility

Most of above services are offered as free-of-cost. It would be interesting to mention that such value added facilities/services are the brand characteristic of 3WHS. Besides doing business, 3WHS is verily involved in extending its support in the community development. We provide free consultation, hold awareness events, and rollout philanthropic activities, and other types of endeavors that require community involvement.

Kids of age 12 or below are the audience that needs help to understand the importance of First Aid Kits and its use. It is well said that tender age is the best time in grasping and understanding the vitality of the information they would learn. To familiarize with such knowledge and to let them understand as how to use articles of first aid boxes when there is need to act, the workshop was held at school premises.

Dr Rabab Al Sayed, Pharmacist incharge at Makakh Pharmacy, UAQ branch is known for intuitive thought provoking activities. Being a pharmacist, she understands the psyche of kids. It was a fun packed learning workshop where each kid was made involved in the learning session. Children after getting demonstrations from the facilitator performed their learning abilities by applying to their role model. Every student was excited, engaged and enthusiastic since such learning the activities helped them come out of the monotony of their routine school life.

The initiative seems to be fruitful as far awareness is concerned. Seeing the success of the session, the same needs to be replicated in other areas and town.

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