Regulatory Consulting

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Having been a part of the industry for 26 years, the Makkah Group has amassed an expert regulatory team. They ensure that our products and documentation remain updated with the latest government guidelines and industry standards.
They are the gatekeepers of all the centralized documentation for the Group and its customers. Their work ensures that we can troubleshoot customer issues in real-time and have the fastest turnaround time from procurement to fulfillment.
Our regulatory consulting service aims to help our international brand partners enter the MENA healthcare market. This service acts as a turnkey solution for brands looking for distribution in the U.A.E. or want their products registered through us.
Our premium consultative services include registration of products with multiple regulatory bodies in MENA and Government authorities such as the Ministry of Health, Dubai Municipality. We also offer consultancy for site registration, product classification, callibration of devices and First Aid related training needs from in-house certified professionals.
Makkah Groups’ consultancy services help our clients navigate the U.A.E.’s complex regulatory requirements. Both local and international customers can avail of these services.

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