At Makkah Group, we understand that the nature of business itself is changing. Gone are the days of in-person sales calls and meetings and in-person shopping. We live in a digital world where our customers have multiple avenues through which they would like to reach us. Our Group’s multi-platform marketing strategy is optimized to cater to the broadest audience possible. We are now set-up to meet our customers at purchase points convenient to them and how their business operates. Our strategy caters to our partners in the Government, the Healthcare industry, Businesses and individual customers. Our robust marketing systems allow customers to place large scale orders with ease, as our systems manage most of the regulatory paperwork. Makkah’s in-house digital media team works closely with our partners to launch and operate their regional social media channels and campaigns. We also offer dedicated e-commerce channel management to maximize exposure within the MENA region. Each marketing strategy is tailored to meet our customers’ individual needs and is backed by a wealth of industry experience and social listening expertise. Such systems allow us to manage lead times and cut costs across the value chain.


The Makkah Group has worked tirelessly to build a vast distribution network. The end goal of creating this network is to drive down costs while maximizing the reach of all our products within the boundaries of the U.A.E. By offering customers multiple points of purchase, we’re further empowering them to take control of their healthcare needs. Moreover, customers aren’t beholden to a single mode of purchase. They can leverage the technology they’re most comfortable using. A multi-platform strategy benefits our brand partners too. By housing partner products on multiple platforms, we can dramatically increase our partners’ brand visibility and improve profitability in the long run.

Makkah Group offers a small selection of our products on the world’s largest e-commerce platform. We use Amazon and Noon to sell products belonging to Quest and 3W Fitness exclusively. We manage the entire customer journey on Amazon and Noon, starting with the listing and marketing of products, all the way to order fulfillment.

Tawseel is a food delivery application in the U.A.E. The app has played a vital role in creating one of the most effective last-mile logistics networks in the U.A.E. The application has been agile during the pandemic. It has expanded to include the delivery of essential commodities, including pharmaceutical and healthcare products. Makkah Group has partnered with Tawseel to ensure that customers always have access to the products they require.

Talabat is an online food ordering service that helps customers find restaurants and pharmacy services in their area and place their orders. Makkah Group is listed as a vendor on Talabat, and customers have complete access to our products and services.

FODEL offers a network of pick-up locations as an alternative to home delivery by connecting e-commerce platforms and local merchants. This service is essential for customers who don’t have a permanent address within the U.A.E. All 14 of our pharmacies are listed as delivery locations on the app. The alternate pick-up service acts as a driver for customer footfalls to Makkah Pharmacies. The increased footfall helps increase brand awareness for Makkah and all our brand partners too.

Supply Van is Middle-East’s First Industrial, General Maintenance and D.I.Y. Products E-Store specializing exclusively as a premier B2B and B2C E-commerce website. Customers can use the platform for making bulk purchases of all 3W products

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