Hand Wash Day At School – AJMAN

Participating govt. sponsored awareness programs is a mandatory charter for us. However, conducting such event at institution level by the company itself in private sectors is happening often that 3W Healthcare Solution is engaged since long.

Global Handwashing Day being organized and celebrated every year on October 15 across the globe serves as a yearly reminder that handwashing with soap and water is one of the best steps we can take to avoid sickness and limit the spreading of germs to others.

3W Healthcare Solution is the pioneer in its class that is engaged every year to disseminate the importance of the day and the act of handwashing. From the cross sections of the society, 3WHS has been organizing and celebrating such event regularly. This year, out of many events at different levels, one was held in a private school located in Ajman.

Since kids are less sensitive to the health awareness and more prone to the germs and sickness, this year 3WHS focused kids of a school in providing the importance of handwashing. They were taught as how to wash their hands, how to use soaps and how to dry their hands after the handwash. They had been proven to be the super absorbent of the message. Their involvement in a playful method helped them engaged in the act of health consciousness. Besides live demo, posters and other visual methods were applied to tap their attention. For the demonstrator, unequivocally, it was a fun.

3W Healthcare Solution is proud to be the educator of next generation. The fruit of learning is priceless!

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